ITM-TF Achievements

During the first phase of the ITM-TF, surveys and cross-verification of the available European models and numerical codes were performed within the individual IMPs and the data-structure was extensively discussed and defined. Equilibrium, linear MHD stability, core transport and RF wave propagation, as well as the poloidal field systems and a few diagnostics were the first topics addressed. Data structures have been finalised for these and then expanded to address, among others, non-linear MHD, edge physics, turbulence and neutral beam propagation. In parallel to the development of the physics concepts, ITM-TF developed the tools to manipulate the data structure and use it in fully flexible and modular simulation workflows. The ITM database contains machine descriptions from JET, Tore Supra, MAST, FTU, FAST, AUG, ITER as well as some experimental data from Tore Supra and JET. The ITM-TF futher achieved the development of the first release version of a fully modular and versatile simulator, the ETS, with all the essential functionalities. The validation of the ETS simualtor started in 2010 against the state-of-the-art transport codes and ETS now starts to be used for the first physics applications. Next steps are the validation of the simulator for a complete discharge on existing experimental data with the available modules, the integration of more quantitative physics models ("ab-initio") and the integration of the whole modelling of the device.

Some posters that describe the ITM were presented at an ITM EXPO at the 2011 EPS fusion conference in Strasbourg. Copies can be found here.

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