Code Development for integrated modelling Project

The EUROfusion Project on Code Development for Integrated Modelling (WP-CD) supports the achievement of the European Fusion Roadmap at Horizon 2020 goals, via the development of existing modelling codes with a particular focus on integrated modelling. The primary objectives of WPCD are: 1. Provide a suite of codes that can be validated on existing machines and used for JT-60SA, ITER and DEMO predictions:
  • build on the existing modelling codes developed by the EUROfusion Consortium members including the Integrated Modelling (EU-IM) infrastructure, toolset and codes developed under the former EFDA ITM Task Force,
  • add new physics to the existing models
  • couple codes into integrated workflows
  • optimize codes.
2. Specific ITER simulation work in support of ITER IO and F4E with specified deliverables. WPCD operates under a work plan aiming to provide in the long term a full suite of integrated simulation workflows, incorporating core-edge-SOL/PFC coupling, first-principles models and control elements. A central task is the development of the new modular European Transport Simulator, ETS, which is being deployed to JET modelling infrastructure for validation and application to experimental analysis. In addition to code and workflow development, rigorous code verification is also performed under WPCD, within the EU-IM framework; whereas validation of the released integrated modelling workflows against the experiments is performed under the rerelated Task Forces. EUROfusion WPCD webpage .

The EU-IM Team includes both EUROfusion WPCD and WPISA CPT contributors, see EU-IM Team. This list reproduces the status of members in 2015 and is possibly not exhaustive.

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