ITM-TF Structure

The EFDA ITM-TF was structured into four Integrated Modelling Projects (IMPs) focusing on the following physics areas:
  • IMP12 plasma equilibrium and MHD
  • IMP3 transport code and whole discharge evolution
  • IMP4 transport and micro-instabilities
  • IMP5 heating, current drive (H&CD) and fast particles
The "Infrastructure and Software Integration Project" (ISIP) was in charge of developing, maintaining and operating the code platform structure and implementing the ITM data-structure. A key function of ISIP was to provide infrastructure support to the IMPs. At present, under EUROfusion, this expertise and tasks are ensured by the Core Programming Team under the Infrastructure and Support Activities Work Package (WP-ISA CPT) . Two further projects ensured the link with the experimentalists and the provision of the experimental databases:
  • AMNS the "Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear Surface" Data
  • EDRG "Experimentalists and Diagnosticians Resource Group"

The "ITER Scenario Modelling Working Group" (ISM) was established in 2007 as part of ITM-TF with the aim to assist in systematic predictive modelling of all ITER reference scenarios by using the major existing integrated modelling tools, whilst the ITM code platform was in development. ISM also supported the verification and validation of the ETS, which aims to become the main tool for EU modelling activity.

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